Semalt - Want To Extract Web Content? A New Data Extractor Will Facilitate Your Work

Are you trying to get data from complex and dynamic websites? Now, it is possible to collect and store data from an AJAX or JavaScript page. Steven Selph's Scraper is one of the coolest web extraction tools on the net. It helps download metadata, images, and texts to your hard drive conveniently. It mainly targets sophisticated and dynamic sites and extracts useful information in no time. Steven Selph's Scraper uses APIs, and ROM parsers to provide accurate results.

Scrape images and obtain useful data:

Most of the web scrapers cannot scrape images and videos properly. Unlike those tools, Steven Selph's Scraper takes care of your images and scrapes them as per your requirements. Once the PNG and JPG files are scraped, Steven Selph's Scraper saves them in a separate Image Folder or downloads them to your hard drive for offline uses. With its free version, you can scrape up to five thousand images. And its paid version allows you to scrape more than ten thousand images in a few minutes. If a picture is inappropriate for users, the tool will flag it immediately and prevent you from carrying out the web extraction project. It ensures your safety and security on the internet.

Suitable for everyone:

Steven Selph's Scraper is suitable for programmers, developers, webmasters, students, data analysts, and researchers. As a student or teacher, you can use it to extract data from eBooks and journals.

A good alternative to ParseHub:

ParseHub is a famous web scraping tool that has scraped up to 2 million web pages so far. In contrast, Steven Selph's Scraper is a new tool that has scraped only a few thousand web pages. Still, Steven Selph's Scraper is a good alternative to ParseHub that is capable of performing multiple data extraction tasks at a time. Unlike and ParseHub, this tool scrapes your data in seconds and does not alter the position of short-tail and long-tail keywords. It means you can scrape data from sophisticated sites without compromising on quality and don't need to disturb your target keywords position.

System requirements and supported platforms:

The system requirements for Steven Selph's Scraper are Atari (2600, 5200 and 7800), NEC) TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine, and SuperGrafx), and Nintendo (Nintendo Famicom Disk System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Game Boy, and Nintendo Virtual Boy).

Steven Selph's Scraper is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi. You can also download and activate this tool with a RetroPie Script setup. The tool is capable of scanning different web documents at a time. It converts HTML files and PDF documents into text. You can scrape as many web pages as you want using it.

Provides readable and scalable data:

One of the major features of Steven Selph's Scraper is that it ensures to provide scalable and readable data. With other similar data scraping software, you may not be sure to get accurate and reliable results. But with Steven Selph's Scraper, you get only readable content and can download it to your hard drive safely and securely. This tool provides fast results and can handle up to 100 web scraping tasks in a minute. Besides, it fixes all the minor spelling and grammatical errors in your documents.